Account Schedule to T-SQL


Is there a way to translate or turn an Account Schedule into T-SQL? I want a report to pull from SQL with the same criteria as our Account Schedule. I am running NAV



Sure, there are many options, depending on why you want to do this.

Thanks for your reply.

For many different reasons, we are using SQL Reporting Services to develop our reports and SharePoint for distribution, security, and viewing them. Our staff in the business office do a wonderful job at creating the account schedules but this is not appropriate for consumption by our varied audiences.

So, I mimicked the the account schedule in SQL but it had to be hard-coded. What I would like to do is to take the account schedule when it is created or updated, and convert that to SQL somehow and run it through SQL Reporting Services.

I don’t have a developer license so I am not sure if that will limit my options.

Thank you again for any direction you can point me in.


Hi David,

Are there any options that don’t require a developer license?

you do not need developer license to work on SQL

Thanks, I know I don’t need a developer license to work on sql. What I don’t know is how to convert or use an account schedule in sql.



You may use Business analytics in Navision. This will create a SSAS database in sql and cubes and then you may use it in reporting services.

Hey John,

If you want to build reports against NAV database, I have a good solution for you.

Drop me email if you are interested