Account Schedule - Profit & Loss per Quarter


This is my first attempt at setting up an account schedule. I am trying to create an acount schedule that shows the profit and loss per each quarter for the financial year. I have set up the rows and have created four columns, one for each quarter.

I have used the comparison date formula as follows

Quarter1 = blank

Quarter 2 = +1Q

Quarter 3 = +2Q

Quarter 4 = +3Q

This seems to work, except the last quarter doesn’t include the closing entries. Does anyone know how to do this?


Hi Richard,

your column setup adds the comparison date formula to the starting date and ending date of the date range you selected for the account schedule. So, if you specify a range for a week, you would get the week, the week +1Q and so on. If you specify the first quarter including the closing date (010111…U310311), you would get the quarters including the closing date - if all has been set up correctly, the fourth quarter should equal to zero then (YTD).

with best regards



Thank you for your response. I have been playing around with the comparison date formula and am still struggling to get it to include the closing entries.

My company’s financial year starts from February to January. So on the accounts schedule I selected quarters and enter the date range for the first quarter as 01/02/11…C30/04/11. In your example you use ‘U’ to get the closing entry, in my version of Nav I think I need to use ‘C’? The comparison date formula for quarter 4 is +3Q, so should add 3 quarters to the date range I entered? For some reason though, it still doesn’t include the closing entries for quarter 4.

I have looked through the forum and noticed that other solutions have mentioned using the comparison period formula. For some reason this column isn’t available to show in the version of Nav I am using (version 5.0). From looking at course 8875A_NA50_ENUS_BIIW on the customer source in chapter 2, page 20 it mentioned that it is an hidden column that can be shown. Does anyone know if this column should be available for me to use or do I need a license granule?

Many Thanks