Account Schedule - Print Format

When using the ‘if any column not zero’ and also tick for underline - those lines that have zero value, still show underline on printed report - which can look very untidy if there are lots of them.

Is this expected? Any suggestions?




Not sure what version or localisation you are on.

On the UK version the underline is for a section, so it denotes a change from sales to cost of sales, although you can use it how you like! We do not have a “if any column not zero” option that I can see - where is it, a tick box on the row like the underline? What is the field number?

Hi Steven

The “If Any Column Not Zero” is an option value in the “Show” column in “Acc. Schedule Line”.

I can see what Potts means, NAV 4.0 SP3 prints a lot of lines beneath each other if you have selected “Show” = “If Any Column Not Zero”, “Underline” = Yes and if you line only contains zero values.

The “If Any Column Not Zero” doesn’t really work together with “Underline”. I guess Navision didn’t test this combination and I don’t think it will be a big issue to correct it.



Yep found it now!

I would tend to agree that Microsoft have missed this, but it is probably not seen as being critical.

As a workaround just insert a blank row and underline this, the underline therefore moves with the data, an alternative rather than underlining the row itself, but depending upon your structure this may of course not work for you!

Thanks guys - I guess it is one of those ‘undocumented features’!!

Solutions not really suitable - we have two levels in our P&L accounts with many begin & end totals breaking up our expenses into groups and we want to analyse these across dimensions using account schedules and some combinations of dimensions only touch a couple of the ‘groups’ of expense accounts but this is not a 100% rule so need to run report across all P&L accounts.

I will seek a fix for the ‘undocumented feature’!

Thanks for your help.