Account Schedule Percentages

Hi, Anyone knows where to find the CRONUS US 3.60 /3.70 database (with or without demodata )? Thanks in advance, Nico

Hi! I’m exactly searching for this feature “set base for percent”. I wanted to copy the functions out of the US Standard Navision, but i cannot open the objects because i think i need the US Licence. Is it legal and possible to get the US Programming Licence from someone here? I was also in Contact with Navision and they don’t implement this function in other Countrys in the next time. Thanks Karin

Can u send me the codeunit of Account Schedule? We were looking for “Set Base for Percent” which is not there in our database. Otherwise we’ll have to customise it. Regards


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“Set Base for Percent” is a choice in the “Totaling Type” column in “Account Schedules”. There are numerous choices for the Totaling Type including: Posting Accounts, Total Accounts, Formula, Underline and Double Underline as well as my favorite Set Base for Percentage.


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Hi Nico I dont suppose the “set base for percent” is actually a field and a US localisation? [;)]

Looking at this thread the “Base for Percent” is a row IE: Hidden Row (x) “Total Sales” Rows Folowing would be account lines: Say “Hardware Sales” then the % would be calculate on Rowx (Total Sales) and Rowy (Hardware Sales) Tip: do not use Numbers for Row ID’s use Alpha/Number Because If you want to divide Row 10 By Row2 you will get ‘5’ not the answer you would expect, where as Row r10/r2 will be correct [;)]