Account Schedule Overview 3.60

Has anyone encountered the situation when after changing the filters in overview window you end up with a screen with only row names but no data? How to fix this?

Hi Riina Then you will have filtered out all the data - is that what you mean? Check you are using a column layout filter that works, and a date filter that contains transactions. Also check teh standard trendscape settings at the bottom.

Hi Steven, I am not sure. Normally, when it happens that I filter out all data, I can still see column labels - but not in this case. The overview is like frozen - I can change filters, but data does not come back. I have not succeeded presenting this to my NSC, but our end users often complain about it.

Are you using a new column layout that has nothing set against it?


Well you learn something new each day! If you click in the third column of the account scedule overview then change the column layout and click back into the third column, the data disappears in the 3.X version, it is a known error. The initial solution was “Do not click in the thrid column”. So something to do with clicking in a column, selecting a new column layout, then click back in and the columns disappear. If you tab out of the changed field rather than clicking back into the columns the error does not happen.

Thank you so much, Steven!!! This is really something I would have never figured out myself…Very uncomfortable to explain the situation to my end-users, though [:(]

Hi Riina The log I am looking on is on the old support system, I cannot tell if it is resolved in 4.0 or not, but if you ask MBS they should be able to tell you! US-544-914-7NBP on 3.10 A says “to be corrected in a future release” AU-235-773-C5W5 on 3.60 refers the user to US-544-914-7NBP I can reproduce it in version 4.0 - so it looks like they have had no luck fixing it yet!