Account Schedule: How to calculate budget entries in Year to date Calender basis (Jan-Dec) if Fiscal year is (July-June)


I’m doing Accout Schedule to print a report of Actual vs Budget.

May I know how can I create a formula to calculate for G/L Budget in Year to date but I want in Calendar basis (starting in Jan) though my Fiscal year started July.

For Actual entries I’m able to get the actual figure year to date in Calendar basis starting January. I use:

Column Type: Net Change

Comparison Period: FY[7…CP]

But on budget, if I use the same formula with my actual, it didn’t display the correct figures.



Quick idea (not tested…) - what if you use calendar year “Y” instead of financial year “FY”? IMHO “Y” can be used for actual entries, too.

I usually don’t think much about what to use based on those rather poor descriptions, instead I try & look what I get until correct results are achieved - sometimes formulae finally look so weird I could never imagine to start with such ones :slight_smile: