Account Schedule Error: illegal value or a nonexistent row number


I have migrated a NAV2009 database from native to SQL server and now while running Account Schedule it gives the following error (not for all column layouts, but for few, whereas same runs successfully in native DB):


You have entered an illegal value or a nonexistent row number.

The error occurred when the program tried to calculate:
Acc. Sched. Line: Row No. = 11, Line No. = 150000, Totaling = 9…10
Acc. Sched. Column: Column No. = 1, Line No. = 10000, Formula =


I know the error is coming from Codeunit 8 (AccSchedule Management), but what could be the reason and fix for it.

Any inputs on it will be appreciated.

Try to change the field property “SQL Data Type” to Integer, for the field “Row No.” of table Acc. Schedule Line

Thanks a lot Archard.