Account Schedule Error-3.10

Has anybody experienced the following message while overviewing an Account Schedule… “Because of Circular Reference Navision Attain Cannot calculate a formula. The error occurred when the program tried to calculate formula…line no…blah blah” I thought this is an obvious reference to the mapping of the formulaes in the schedule. But they seem to be perfectly ok and logical without any looping whatsoever. Is this a known error?? Any ideas ??? Cheers

Hi Rohit, Such error comes when you define the formula like mentioned below e.g. Row No. Description Totaling Type Totaling … A Land and Building Formula B B Operating equipments Formula A in the aboce example account schedule find the circular reference like A->B->A->B… i.e never ending process and it will go to infinite loop.

Hi Rajesh, This was an obvious possibility, but apparently the formulaes dont seem to be running into any loop.

Hi Rohit, Incase of formula Navision tries to evaluate the expression defined for the formula. In the previous posting example row no. A has the formula, that have expression as row no. B. When Navision tries to evaluate expression of row A then it will try to execute expression of row B and again row B has the expression for exectuing the expression of row A. So it will go into infinite loop. But incase of formula to posting or formula to totaling circular reference would not happen. If you locate the EvaluateExpression function of codeunit 8 (AccSchedManagement),your doubt would be clear. There is a line of code[ IF CallLevel > 25 Then ShowError(…);] which shows this error.

Same happened for a client of mine. they are running SQL server and here you need to be aware of the sorting. The sorting in the row. column was varchar and they had lines with row no. 100 up til 3000, in hte middle of these they had formulas with a range like 100…600 BUT here it goes wrong applying such filter does not give you the expected result. Instead two options was suggested 1) Changed datatype of the row no. field to integer, then the filter should work 2) Use a character in fron of the row no. for each setion to be summarized by a range filter, i.e. A100 and the filter would be A100…A500 and next block would be B100 and B100…B500, this should also give the desired effect. I just wrote this for anyone else experiencing weird totals/errors in account schedules.

OK I realise this thread is 5 years old BUT… I just solved the same problem for a client and this post may save some poor soul from trying to trace back through the various formulas that make up a schedule, and I couldn’t find this fix anywhere in the forum.

Our client had a very complex schedule, it seemed possible that it wasn’t really looping but because of the way one formula pointed to another and one row referenced a range of accounts it went over the limit of 25 loops. I changed the “> 25” to “> 50” and the problem went away. I could have suggested that they rewrote their schedule but it would probably never work again!


Your 5 year post which today is 11 years + a few months old sort me out on the circular references error. Just like you said i changed the >25 to >50 and the problem went away. Thanks a great deal to all for the posts.