Account Schedule - creating income statement and balance sheet


I want to build an income statement and balance sheet with the account schedule. In my IS and BS I want every account to have its own line but I do not know in advance what accounts have been used. I am not a good user of account schedules but to me it seems like I need to add every single account, or is there another way to say I want to see accounts “3000…”?

On another note, what is analysis views and how can they be combined with account schedule in my example?

Thank you very much for your help out there.



For setting up account in account schedule you can take help of your account person and as well as for better understanding you can have look at Cronus database

Analysis Views:-

By using analysis views, you can retrieve information about dimensions according to the criteria you set. You can then investigate trends and analyze relationships based on the dimension information that you have posted.

Hi Amol,

Did I understand you correct when you said that for Account Schedule I should ask someone and look in Cronus and that Analysis View is an instrument that outputs data according to the criteria I have set? Thank you very much for those helpful insights (sorry about the sarcasm). On a different note, let’s close this thread I will look for help on this matter elsewhere.

Thanks to all you out there though who have helped me on this board in the past.