Account Schedule -additional Reporting Currency error

i would like to press overview button in Account Schedule, it showed “Additional Reporting Currency have a value in General Ledger Setup: Primary Key=it cannot be zero or empty.”, can’t view any data, who know what problem is it?

is the problem from updated procedure in NAV?

Hi ML,
Which version of NAV is it? You have tagged it with both Navision Financials (a very old version 1995-2000) and Dynamics NAV, which is everything after 2006.
But it seems that you have an issue with additional reporting currency. So the first thing I would ask you is: Do you use Additional Currency functions in the setup? Does it work in other reports?
If not, then adjust your account schedule not to use it.

i am using NAV 2017, we didn’t have this problem before our IT did updated procedure. i don’t have this issue before he updated. is this from updated procedure?
i don’t know what is additional currency function. our LCY is USD and we set a few currency in system as we have difference currencies in bank account.
in general ledger setup, i didn’t add any thing in Reporting “Additional Reporting Currency”.
it doesn’t work in other report as well.

Is it a specific account schedule or do you get the error in all?

i got error in all account schedule

Then I’m sure you have a more general issue with additional report currencies.
You should remove the ACY setup in general ledger setup.