Account Payable -multiple payment companies

Our client will be implementing AX2012 R3

They will run a multi entity environment with each entity related to the country it operates in.

They wish to use Centralised Payments for Payables processing.

From my review of this functionality a single payment company can be setup or , at best,a single entity hierarchy for centralised payments where each invoice entity can be setup to point to a SINGLE payment entity.

Is this correct?

My client wishes to setup multiple payment companies… and for that company to vary for an invoicing company as required . They is often based on which payment company has the most many in the bank at a time.
eg the AUSTRALIAN and SINGAPORE legal entities are payment companies
the NEW ZEALAND entity is the invoice company.
In the first pay run of the month they wish to pay NZ invoices from the AUST entity . In the second payrun of the month they wish to Pay NZ invoices from the SINGAPORE entity.
Is this possible without reconfiguring a org hierarchy each run ?
If so How ?

Thank Martin