Account number for transaction type Tax does not exist

Dear All,

This is the error while posting Service Order (Invoicing the Service order using Service module). I have checked all the accounts.

Also, the same tax setup is working fine in Sales Order invoicing. But this error only comes when we try to post Service order.

I have also defined the tax default posting a/c in GL → Setup → Posting → System accounts

But still no results. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

There might be some problem with your tax setups.

Check your Ledger Posting Groups( GL → Setup → Sales Tax → India → Tax Ledger Posting Groups) and see whether the ledger accounts are being specified for the tax type that you are using in service orders.

The service order is invoiced the the projects module and therefore the project contract needs to be set with teh appropriate tax groups.

Thanks Kranti & Adam,

But nothing is working. I have checked many times & also the same tax structure is perfectly posting using Sales Order. Project contract, Project, Service agreement & service order etc. everywhere i have done all check ups. But no result.

Also, lot of loopholes in the whole module.

Against the project run the adjustment process and see what the tax code is on the transaction, the adjustment allows you to adjust it as well, which will also then allow you to post it.