Account number for transaction type Sales error AX 2012

after making sales order & confirmed, there’s error when clicking Packing slip is:


Sales order:------

(Account number for transaction type Sales - packing slip revenue does not exist.)


(Account number for transaction type Sales - packing slip revenue offset does not exist.)

HI Farran,

This issue comes because you did not mentioned the Ledger accounts (Chart of accounts) at Item group form. First you need to create the Chart of accounts at GL > Common forms > Chart of accounts.

Now, go to Item group form (Inventory management > Setup > Item group > Sales order Tab) … here in sales order tab, you need to assign the ledger accounts for Packing slip, Packing slip offset and Packing slip revenue, Packing slip revenue- offset accounts along with these Issue, Consumption, revenue, Discount accounts as well. Discount account is optional. If you’re giving discount at SO line then you need to have this discount account.

And also make sure that the ledger account are included in COA structure if you are using AX 2012.