Account number for transaction type Prepayment application does not exist.


I am trying to apply prepayment for a vendor. I have the vendors posting profile set up for prepayment. I am getting “Account number for transaction type Prepayment application does not exist.” on trying to apply prepayment.

On debugging this, I found that there is no record in vendinvoiceinfoline table that matches vendinvoiceinfotable. The join criteria is with parmid and tablerefid between these 2 tables.

therefore the sourcedocuementheader value is returned as 0 and thus the defaultdimension from accoutingdistribution table which is the source for the error.

Please help!!


Please check whether the account number specified on prepayment posting profile is included in account structure or not.


Any luck here?

I’ve found this is possible when the user goes in to AP->Periodic->Invoice matching details history->deletes the relation to the vendInvoiceInfoLine in the right hand grid.

Hi Silvano,

I have the same scenario. Deleted vendinvoiceinfoline and now I can’t apply the prepayment, Did you manage to fix the issue?

Hi All,

I think you should refer this document:

Define a prepayment account

  1. Click Inventory management > Setup > Posting > Posting. Click the Purchase order tab.

  2. Select the Prepayment option in the Select pane.

  3. Click Add to add a posting type, and then select values in the fields. For prepayments, select Category in the Item code field, and then select values in the Category relation, Account code, and Main account fields. For more information, see Item posting (form).

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