Account number for transaction type Customer settlement discount does not exist.

I get this error when trying to update or settle a customer invoice. How do i fix it?

Hi Tony,

Seems you had attached cash discount on SO invoice and the payment is posted in the range of discount date.

Check for the cash discount on SO and specify the discount account on cash discount setup.


Thanks, but it started as a rounding error from a free text invoice. It is only a .01 difference but the payment wont post.

Have you specified rounding convention on the currency setup.

It shows 4 decimal places but returns an error if you leave more than 2! That’s where the problem started, i had to round it, and it was 0.01 out compared to the amount of the payment.

I had seen it previously where it was 0.01 or 0.02 out and it seemed to adjust it to match the payment amount so there wouldn’t be a tiny amount owing, but this time it wouldn’t allow it.

How do i fix it?