Account Name in Customer Post Dated Checks


i am trying to bring the account name display method in the customer post dated checks grid with the below code, but nothing return. can anyone help me to correct the code.

You don’t need separate method for that, use ledgerJournalTrans.accountName

i tried that also but still nothing return to the grid. please see the below screen shot for your references

You should add accountType to \Queries\CustVendPDCRegister

Dear Master, i couldn’t get. could you please brief how to add the same.

You need to add it to LedgerJournalTrans data source in the query.


Just open the AOT Query “CustVendPDCRegister” then go to LedgerJournalTrans datasource fields node, add a new Field (AccountType) with Right click selection as shown in below image… Then Open LedgerJournalTrans table, go to methods drag & drop the “accountName” method on your form grid, select datasource property as “ledgerJournalTrans” (I checked it & works fine).



Hi Ram, its done. thank you very much.