Account Codes

While defining a chart of accounts, can we have user defined account codes OR do we have to have the coding structure as defined in the demonstration database of Cronus? If we define account codes as per the users requirements, how do we maintain the hierarchy/grouping? Has the field ‘No. 2’ in GLAccount table got something to do with above issue?

You can have whatever you want.[:D] You can group them (then indent them) with beginning and end totals etc, what king of hierarchy are you trying to keep?

One can have any user defined codes for COA. The heirarchy should be set up using the ‘Account Type’ field as u want and specifying the totaling formula in the ‘Totaling’ field. Regards Akshay

Suppose we are trying to keep the existing account codes of the client and there is an account code T001 for travelling expenses and another one T002 for Trucks and Delivery Van. Now although the first one is of income/expense type the latter is of Balance sheet type. On using the indenting function, Navision is likely to put these together. How do we avoid this? How do we enforce the hierarchy so that T001 falls under Travelling and Coveyance group and T002 in Movable Assets?

Hi Arvinder You will still flag them individually as balance sheet and income statement and in te haccount schedules you will see them reporting within specified groupings - it is only on the original COA that they will be beneath each other and this will be due to the coding structure adopted.