Acconts Receivable


In Accounts receivable form Sales quotation when we create a quotation at line level there we use to give for line items but here client doesn’t give they can give numbering what ever they feel like for 1st Line they can give 11 and for 2nd Line they can give 3.

so after creating this they use to Update(Botton) and makes Quotation there in Report use to come in Report serially as 1,2,3. which client dont want, and which is coming from CustquotationTrans(Table) where as in sales quotaion form table name is SalesquotationLine so how to bring tat field from salesQuotationLine to CustquotaionTrans there is no relation between two tables also.

im using here AX4.0SP2

please help me out


Like how you have added a field S.No in SalesQuotationLine, You can add the same field in CustQuotationTrans Table and pass this value when you press the update button. That why you can directly access the serial number from CustQuotationTrans Table.

Or, InventTransId field is unique for a Sales quotation Line and its available in CustQuotationTrans Table also. You can fetch SNo. using this field ( Am not very sure if this will give the required record in all the cases…Try to create few quotation and check it out).

That Serial no is a method written in tat report.

When we click in update button thr we get four drop downs as quotaion, confirmation, Quotation lost, quotaion canceled,

when we select quotation it generates a Quotion Report where data is coming from Custquotionjourn and Custquotationtrans.

where the button is a class (SalesQuotationEditLinesForm_Sales_Send) in this class where it is updating im not able find tat.

@ Monika thanks a lot its working now :slight_smile: