Accessing SQL-Tables via PHP (once more :))

Hi all Once I posted already a topic about NF and SQL. But I have still some questions I want to ask before I get started. I have a NF-Server, a 2.60C Client and a 2.60-SQL-Database on SQL Server 7. My HTML/PHP-Server is Apache. Now my questions: How do I access the table “BugAssertSQL$Invoice” (Mandantname&Tablename) if the only user in the DB is “root” with password “root” via PHP? Can I write to the Database via PHP or is it just possible to read data from the SQL-Database? If I can - how do I write data to a table in the SQL-DB? Kind regards Ben Crause Benjamin Crause Germany

Not sure if the following is valid for PHP also, but we have used Java based routines for accessing NF SQL database from a website successfully. On the Apache (web)server, there are a couple of JSP’s (Java Server Page), which connect through a JDBC - ODBC Bridge program (see for details and free sample) for read/write actions. Once the connection has been established (with Java code), you can do your database things with pretty straighforward SQL queries. John

Make sure you activate the MSSQL7 support in the php.ini configuration file:


and then read the manual on or they have some very nice examples. I have it working with the MSSQL7 extension for PHP to connect to a Navision SQL database. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG