accessing ORACLE

does anybody has experience on accessing oracle from Navision? I am using NF 2.5 with SQLServer and I can read oracle tables (linked tables) but i get an error when i try to write. somebody told me that it is an ODBC problem but i didn’t find any troubleshooting in the MS site until now. thanks for any help ______________ Giuseppe Volta EID S.r.l.

I noticed when I was reading oracle records into navision I would get an error when an oracle field was blank. Navision didn’t like oracles “Null” value.

Thank you Simon for your tip. A part from the ‘blank’ problem, could you write into oracle tables or you just read it? ______________ Giuseppe Volta EID S.r.l.

I didn’t try to write back to Oracle from Navision. I did write back to Oracle from Access(when the tables were linked) and had no problems.

Access is null compliant. In Navision, you must put in Sql instruction not null. I create instructions to connect from SQL Server 7.00 to Navision Financials 2.00, and I put then Isnull(‘field1’,’’) as xx for string field and isnull(‘field2’,0) as xx1 for numeric fields using a connection via OLEDB. That’s fastest.