Accessing Navision db through C/ODBC from SQL

Hi everybody, One of my clients is using Navision 2.50 with native db. They want to be able to write straight into Navision tables using ODBC. They managed to do that from Access (as a test) but they need to be able to do that from a SQL db they have. They can access the db to read data but they cannot write. Does anyone have any experience doing this and can tell me how to do it ? Thanks, Cristi Nicola

To my maind You need specify primary keys of tables. Access it makes automatically.

Well apparently that is not it. I need an example of SQL query to access Navision. They were asking for instance for who is the dbowner for Navision db. Sorry if my questions sound vague but I do not know much about SQL [:I]

This scenario is not supported by C/ODBC because it is not compatible with OLEDB for ODBC. You need NODBC that ships with Navision 4.0 to do this.

Thank you Robert