Accessing MS SQL table from X++ without ODBC

Is there a way to access MS SQL table from X++ without using ODBC? I need to read some data from MS SQL table, but I dont want to have to setup ODBC at each of client computers. Or do I have to set it up just at AOS?

My assumption is, you are trying to access a non Axapta db, correct? You can use any COM from Axapta. For SQL Server I would recomend using ADO. With ADO you won’t have to install ODBC, it can use the native OLEDB provider. And most likely ADO will be installed on any client machine with IE 5.0 and higher. Hope that helps. Br, Vlad.

You can access SQL Server Database by many way. Ofcourse If you have permission on SQL Database Server Ex: -Install SQL Server and you can connect it by Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer -You can write another interface by Java or .NET to Connect to SQL Server database please noticed that some update in database directly may cause some problem to midle-tier of Axapta. regards,