Accessing external web page from X++

How can I access external web page from X++? I need to read current exchange rate from web page of our national bank. If I could read the whole page (HTML) if would be ok, because I can parse values later.

Hi Bojan, Hope you are keeping well [:D] Here is a quick example. *******************************************************

static void ReadHTML(Args _args)

    str                   page;
    str                   filename;
    commaIO               myfile;
    int                   handle;
    WinInet wi = new WinInet();

    filename = "C:\\HTMLfile.txt";
    myfile = new commaIO(filename,"w");
    handle = wi.internetOpenUrl('');

    if (handle)
            page = wi.internetReadFile(handle);



******************************************************* Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu

Man, you rock Axapta [Wow!][Ugh][Yeah!] This is excellent for my needs [:D] I am doing ok, working hard at job in Axapta and C#, and trying to do my best at master studies [8D]