Accessing Application Server

Hi there!!! I´m trying to make a web application using VB.Net, and the goal is to access the navision data from the “outside” through Navision Application Server. I´m having many problems doing this, and the documentation about the Application Server is quite difficult to find. So, any informations or code examples that anyone might have would be very welcomed. I´m getting a bit desperate because I have a deadline. Thank you very much!!!

Do it the way Commerce Portal does. The communication is using XML sent through MSMQ. NAS uses ComCom to listen for new messages on the request queue. The web app sends a request to the queue and starts listening on the reply queue. NAS gets it, processes it, and writes a response in the reply queue. The web app gets the reply, parses the XML document and carries on. Very simple when you say it fast. [;)]

Joao, How did you fare with this? I am having the same problem. Can’t get the message to read off of the Instream. Lindsay

Hey Friends, look at the Navision CD. There are documentation, code samples and debug tools. And ask your NSC. It will give you support and consulting.