Accessing a NaviFin. Server running on a non-standard TCP/IP port

Hi; Do anyone have an idea of how to set up a Navision Financials (NaviFin)client to access a server that runs on TCP/IP port 2048 (the normal port is 2047). The reason is that, the server runs 2 seperate NaviFin services. The configuration of the server posed no problem, as it is siscussed in the readme file on the CD, but there is no mention on what to do on the client. Any help is appreciated - thanks! Thomas Fossing, Partner NetFokus Tornerosevej 127A DK-2730 Herlev tlf. 4492-9916

Hi Thomas, it´s quite simple. Just add an entry in the services file for the specific Navision Financials server you want to assign to another port. You need to add this on the clients too. eg. navision2 2048/tcp #secondary NF server This should do it, S