Accessing a filtered Sales Invoice and Posting it

hi u navision gurus out there, i have a problem. i have to do these things in sequence… 1. Open Sales Invoice and filter to one record from another form using c/al coding 2. User will Post the sales invoice manually. and doing these things in sequence is not easy, i faced a hell of a lot of problems in doing so. i found out that by doing this, you will face a no. series error. this happens when a filtered record in the sales header table is deleted. can anyone give any pointers in doing the above mention 2 steps? jordan

Check out the “Post Batch”-Report. There Sales Headers are are posted, although having a filter active on it. And if you want to avoid to use a filtered table, then simply use a second rec-variable.

i am aware of the post batch for sales header, but by doing this, the users will not be able to view the errors that occurred while posting… i am sorry, but what exactly do u mean by a second-rec variable? can u elaborate on this?

jordan, A second rec-Variable is a record variable which is similiar to the Rec, for eg. if you design a table then the rec-variable is the current table itself. and to use a second rec-variable you will have to define a record variable for the same table hope im not talking Latin and this helps…he he he Vishal NCSD

oic, you mean i will have to modify the posting codeunit of the sales-post to use a second variable to post instead of using it’s own variable… but will this work?.. i think i will try cause i have got no more alternatives… thanks all…