Access to particular table and no access to AOT


How should i give access to only one particular table and form so that end users can update label and no access to AOT in ax 2009…?

Could you suggest me on this…

You should take a look at White Paper: Understanding Security in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

Users with access to the form setup (Right click on form>Setup/Personalization) can actually change the label on a field without modifying the AOT. This label is just saved in their usage data. Not sure if this works for your situation or not.

Thanks for your reply…

actually situation is different, when AOT access is blocked and while updating labels data gets saved in the table which I have created i.e “labeltable” but same data is not getting saved in standard table “SysLabelLog” where it should get saved…

It seems that the question is how to update labels in code. The answer is - use SysLabel class and especially its modify() method.

Labels are not stored in SysLabelLog table, they are in label files in application directory (or in model store in AX2012), SysLabelLog just logs changes.