Access to Oracles 8i Database

Hi out there, a customer want’s us to access some tables in an oracle8i database and transfer this to the financials Database in some sort of import table and then to process the uploaded data with standard C/Side methods. The upload have to be triggered from the financials application. Any suggestions ?? Is there any possibillity to get access to the methodes of the PL/SQL packages inside the oracle database ? Thanks in advance Alex Bernegger NAVITEC Austria

I Have just done something simmilar to this using a VB6 program to read the External database - In my case SQL7 and Access but Oracle is just another ODBC source to VB. Within the same VB probram I used CFRONT to write to the Navision database. I have found the best results to be with the VisualBasic rdo method for the ODBC access. The VB program can be run from within Navision using the C/SIDE SHELL command Regards Ross