Access to NF tables with Java

We have an application under construction for a client to publish some dynamic data on a webpage. We would like to use JSP (Java Server Pages) as the webserver is running on Linux. However, we encounter some troubles when trying to use JDBC - ODBC bridges when NF 2.5 is running C/SIDE. It looks like the Navision ODBC driver is not returning the data (types?) as the Java side is expecting to get. The same queries work fine when accessing a NF 2.5 SQL database. We can’t use NF 2.6 yet, as this has not been released in Holland yet. Does anybody has been working on this also? Did you find/make a working Java database tool? Suggestions are welcome! Grtz John

Hi I haven’t tried to acess a Navision database through the JDBC/ODBC bridge on NF 2.5 yet, only on NF 2.01A/2.01B, and that worked just fine. I made to versions. Both a Java applet and a JSP version, and they return my SQL queries correctly, and I dont recall having problems. Are the NF 2.5 database that much different from version 2.01B? I plan on porting my applets to version 2.5 in the nearest future. I’ll drop a note on this thread about my problems, if I get some. Regards Andreas L.

Andreas, Would like to know what drivers and other tools you have used. John