Access to Navision tables through ODBC (Nav. 3.7)

I have got an annoying problem when accessing tables in Navision through ODBC. I’am running an ASP.NET webapplication, which reads data from Navision. Everything is working all right on my test server, although I have observed a peculiar behavior: I am able to access my ovn tables (Table ID > 50000), when the webapplication is running in the ASPNET system account, but not Navisions native tables (error message: the table does not exists). Only when impersonating an account with more rights, I am granted access to the native tables.

On the production server I cannot in any way get access to native tables, but can still access my own tables. The error message is the same - the table does not exists.

When setting the ODBC up as a Linked server in MS SQL-Server and trying to access data from there, the problem and the error message is the same.

Could it be a license issue? Help is appreciated!

Hi Steen,

Welcome to The User Group. Hope you’ll find what you’re look for here! [:)]

I cannot give you the correct answer here, but I can tell you that one thing that I always do to test such issues is to try the connection using Excel’s query tool. If it still doesn’t work there, then I’ll think that it’s very likely that it’s a license issue.

A question to you: Why are you using ODBC for this? A much better and more stable solution would be to use C/FRONT.

Hi Erik,

I could not test with Excel (ie. MS-Query) in the first place, because it was not installed on the server. Instead I tested with the ODBC as a linked server on MS-SQL server, which should do the same thing. Anyhow I’am going to make the same test with MS-Query.

I’am new in Navision and considered ODBC the easiest option for a beginner. Can you recommend any turorials/howto’s, which describes how to use C/FRONT from .NET?

Hej Steen,

You should not test the setup from your production server, but from your test server, where you should install the tools (like MS Query) that you need! [;)]

Yes ODBC is the easiest to work with for a beginner as it requires almost no knowledge of Navision. But C/FRONT is much more stable. You find the C/FRONT files including different sample codes on the Navision product cd. If you don’t have it, then let’s know, it’s an old version, but it’s very likely that someone here still has it.

I solved the problem. The tables and fields on the production server must be identified by Title and Caption.