Access to GL Entry Table

I want to be able to restrict access to data in the GL Entry table (#17), for certain users. I don’t mind them having access to GL balances, but don’t want them to be able to drill down from there. I have set P&P, Q/O/I/C Post for instance to Indirect read, but then I get an error message, “You do not have Read permission for the G/L Entry table”, when I try to post. I set the Role All to yes for table 17 to test the idea that a user must have direct Read access somewhere, for an Indirect to work. This didn’t help. The user can post now, but also has access to the drill down (Form 20). Is there any way, short of changing the Form permissions from a 0 for all users, which gives wide open access to all forms, to a list of every form, EXCEPT 20, that I can restrict Read access to Form 20 (or the data in Table 17)? Any help or hints would be most welcome. Thanks to all. Jim

Try setting the permission within the posting codeunit for read access to table 17.

You might be able to modify Form 20 so it opens for everyone but remains invisible for everyone except a select group of users. You might have to do something pretty funky, like create a codeunit which can only be read by certain user groups. If you are in that user group, the form becomes visible. Otherwise, you can’t see it. ------- Tim Horrigan