Access to Dynamics datamodel?

I am new to Dynamics, etc. I am an IT guy needing access to Dynamics information for other applications. Is there a way to find out what tables I can query (readonly) to apply data in other apps?

Specifically, I need the Vendor number and Vendor name for now.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



There’s not a document. If you open up the form in NAV, and do a Zoom (Ctrl+F8), the title of the window will generally tell you what table it is.

You can also look at Object Designer (Tools → Object Designer in the client) to see all of the tables.

In this case you want the Vendor table.

I realize that this is probably a dumb question. What is NAV though? Free? Where do I find it? [:)]

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Dynamics is a suite of products, just like Office. Office includes Word, Excel, etc. Dynamics includes NAV, AX, CRM, etc. However most of the Dynamics products do the same things. CRM only does CRM, while the others are ERP systems that help run your business.

I knew it was a stupid question. Like all IT people (good ones at least) I am buried under a mountain of work!! :slight_smile: Thanks!