Access to a forms control -how?

Moin: Anybody out there who can tell me how to set the value in a forms property porgrammatically? I.e. set the content of a textbox to a certain value when the form opens. Any ideas? Would be great! Regards Uwe

Textbox content is easy. Make a variable the Source of the textbox and set this variable at opening the form. Settings of other properties varies with the type of control. To check if you can set what you want, give the control a name. Then the control will show up in the F5 functions list (CurrForm, Controls) and by clicking on the → button underneath the list you can look at the properties. John

Named controls (controls with the property name filled with non default value) can be accesed on a form by the following grammar: Currform.. := value; Note that not all the properties of a control will be accessible, just a few of them (usually just xpos, ypos, weight, height and visible) and that’s it’s really dissapointing and restrictive (i will really helps having access to the color and other ones for making lots of proceses)