Access restriction in SQL - FlowFlds doesn't work

Hi, all In Role Permissions properties there is field Security Filter. Task: Users in regional offices may view quantity of Item only on their Locations. For Navision database on SQL server I setup restriction for tables Item, Location. All right But users may view all quantity of Item in FlowField Inventory in Item Card. To limite that I setup restrictions for Item Ledger Entry. After it user can’t view Item Card. Error - “You have not read rights for Item Ledger Entry”. Question: is there a way to solve this problem? [:(]

Are you aware that the filter overruled, if the same table is used in another role without filter, and assigned to the same user? Regards, Karl

Get the latest C/SIDE hotfix for 3.60, 23, which fixes FlowFields in Security Filters and a bunch of other record-level security bugs which cause your error. Actually, the fixes have been made in an earlier hotfix than this but I’m sorry I can’t remember which one; probably around 17. Otherwise, 3.70 RTM has all these fixes too.