Access ODBC / Active x

I try to access an Access (xp) table from a Navision 3.10 report, so I use the following code. But I don’t know how to import a text field from Access in a Navision table. ( works with integers) I can use a ‘variant’ variable in Navision but it does not work to put the value in the Navision field because of format type. Any idea? Thank you, [8)] Vanina CREATE(OBJdbConnection); OBJdbConnection.Open('TEST','Admin',''); CREATE(RSGroups); RSGroups.Open('AccessTABLETEST', OBJdbConnection); RSGroups.MoveFirst; IF NOT RSGroups.EOF THEN REPEAT NAVTABLE.INIT; NAVTABLE."ID" := FORMAT( RSGroups.Fields().Item('id').Value); NAVTABLE."Group Name" := RSGroups.Fields().Item(*'nom_1_dos'*).Value; IF NAVTABLE.INSERT THEN; RSGroups.MoveNext; UNTIL RSGroups.EOF; RSGroups.Close; OBJdbConnection.Close; CLEAR(OBJdbConnection); CLEAR(RSGroups);

NAVTABLE."Group Name" := FORMAT (RSGroups.Fields().Item('nom_1_dos').Value); Regards,

Ok, it was a problem of empty field in the Access Database. I will check that before to put the value in the ‘Navtable’. Format was not the problem. Thank you anyway, Vanina [8)]