Access Denied upon login

anyone has come across with access denied error while login to NAV client?

i tried with all the user accounts, nothing helpful. i uncounted the same issue previously, but my previous solution not helping me anyway.

I got a clue. I can login to Nav client if I change the SQL Server date to previous dates… but for current date it is not working.

Are you using developer license ?

Check the expiry date of Developer license … It may have got expired.

Hi Amol,

Thanks for the reply.

We dont have any developer license, the license we have got no expiry date.

You have said that you change date then its working then this is license issue

Check it out

Check regional setting also in server and client machine.

Hi Amol,

What are the other possibilities?

the regional settings are same in server and client PCs.

Also if we move the mdf file to another server, we can able to login with the current date. only on this server not allowing the users to login after 05-Jul-2013.

ICheck for expiration date for that user as follows

Check in Tools → Security -->Database Logins–> Expiration Date

This could be the problem

Hi Amol,

The expiration date is null for all the users.

One more information, if the date is changed then all the users including system admin is getting the error “Access Denied”.

is there any user setting to be modified in the user level?

is there nay issue with the DB?

Can you please contact your Partner? He must have setup something?

Assuming you are using the classic client have a look into the Dynamics NAV Client folder on the PC. If that contains a fin.flf this might be the partners license which has expired. if you delete or rename that file it might help. NAV always checks the license on the local PC first and if that’s either not existant or valid it goes ahead to check the license on the server

Hi All,

Thanks for your collective support to resolve this issue. We have identified the cause and resolved the issue.

The issue happened because of a stored procedure "sp_$ndo$loginproc" in all the NAV Databases. This is blocking the users while login to NAV database, I am not sure what is inside this procedure. We just renamed the procedure and our NAV works as usual.


You can read more help regarding the stored procedure here