Access denied on customised report

Hi all,

There is a customised Statement of Account report which is based on the following data items Customer, Cust. Ledger Entry and Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry.

I have a user which requires access to this report under client’s license. I have created a role with permission to the report and above tables and also all the record variables used in the design of the report…
But, user is still not having access to it.

When giving the user the SUPER role, he is having access to run the report.

Can you please advise where am I wrong?


What is the exact error message?


go into the design of the report and check the NAME vs CAPTION. It’s possible you are looking at the wrong object when setting permissions.

@David: I had checked it well before I write this post… Thanks [:D]

I have been able to fix this problem. The object id was not in the role i was calling.