Accepting incoming documents

Hello everybody, another b2b document transfer problem occurred here. As i wrote several times before, i have a b2b cofiguration here with 2 Navision clients, which are supposed to send and receive documents from an to another. Now i found out that i can´t accept the incoming documents. E.g., if my “buyer system” receives a purchase quote from the vendor, i cannot accept it because there is a problem with the item numbers. In Navision BizTalk-Partner Setup, i did change the item number to “vendor item number” for purchase item numbers, which should be the right way. Both the vendor and the buyer use the same data, as they are both connected to an own sample database, so they use the same item numbers… Does anybody have an idea, what the problem could be? Is there something else that has to be set up? Thanks a lot in advance, Christian Harms

Try using Item Cross Reference for that Vendor.

Hello, i am sorry, but i have the german versions of the clients here and can´t find anything that seems to be “item cross reference”… where do i find that to set it? Thank you! Christian

go in your vendors card and click on button vendor / cross references (german: Kreditorkarte / Button: / Referenzen)

well, that didn´t work… i made a reference for two items in the vendors card on the buyers system. When i tried to send these items in a sales quote / purchase quote to the buyer, it says that: “The item number based on vendor-item number xxx does not exist”. some more ideas? greetings, Christian