Acc. Sched. Report Date Filter does not work.

Hello, There appears to be quite a big bug in the Account Schedule report (R25) in GB3.70 (Including all hotfixes). It appears that while the Date Filter in the Account Schedule Overview works fine, it does not work in the printed report, which shows all entries regardless of the date filter.[xx(] This appears to be due to new features added in 3.70, as it works fine in 3.60 and earlier. I have reported this to MBS, but I was wondering if anyone had already found this & resolved this themselves? Many thanks in advance.

Hello Edward, I just checked in 3.70 W1 and it works fine. I have not reviewed the code in depth but there should be the following line in the InitAccSched Function. “Acc. Schedule Line”.SETFILTER(“Date Filter”,DateFilter); Saludos Nils

Hello Nils, Thanks for checking this in W1. I now believe that this may be a UK localization issue: Another UK Navision consultant got in touch with me and pointed me to code unit 8 (AccSchedManagement). In the UK release (Standard, straight off the CD!), there are some strange referrences in the code and version list (‘NAVW13.70,NAVGB3.70,Revisit’).[?] If you search this reference (In the GB edition), you will find that some code has been disabled and a new line has been entered in the SetGLAccColumnFilters function. If you reverse this change, the issue goes away. [:D] Thanks to Gary and Steven for pointing me in the right direction!

Hello Edward, I looked at Codeunit 8. There was a problem (GB3.60) - the Accounting Period dates were not recognised. My client runs on 4,4,5 weeks rather than calendar months did you check this variation?