Absorption Accounting

I am involved at the corporate consolidation level, so I don’t know a lot of Navision inventory and costing mechanics. We would like to be able to use absorption accounting for our production orders. By this I mean that when an order is complete, there would be a debit to Finished Goods, with credits to Raw Material, Labor Absorbed, and Overhead Absorbed. These would be based on Bills of Material and Routings which we are using currently. Can Navision break out the credits to multiple accounts? If so, what is needed to support this?

Hello Joe, and welcome to forum!

The short answer is - Manufacturing app area of Navision, it solves everything you mentioned.

How exactly its done - it would be the VERY long answer [:D]

Yyou should rather contact your implementing Partner. From your post I understand you already have Manufacturing set up & running in Navision to some extent, but not all your business requirements have been implemented… Not knowing all details I of course can’t give you concrete advices, maybe standard is enough for you, maybe you need some modifications done - your Partner should be aware about all issues.

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