'Absent' table records

Hello all, i’ve encountered strange problem. Records of the table, which customized for our firm, is properly narrowed by means of methods ‘setfilter’ and ‘setrange’. It works normally for almost all cases. And that is my problem - i can’t understand why it so. Needed and missed records are seen clearly when they are selected interactively ‘by hand’ with same filters. They are also showed when i look at records values in debugger. But method ‘isempty’ returns ‘true’ and “find{’-’}” - false, ‘count’ - 0. What a kind of features may cause this behavior? For records selection were used only mentioned earlier methods. Tables test returns OK. I’d greatly appreciate any help concerning question. (N/F 3.60 SP4/3.10) BR, Anthony

Hi, I have had the same problem with the Item ledger table (2.6/2.6). By setting filters manually (and calculate a sum) I got other results that setting these filters in a report. After deleting the .zup file the problem still occured. We were checking almost everything (chaching, restore a backup, testing, copy the report etc.). However, all ledger entries were there and only the report was ‘wrong’. We put the case into our X-Files. After an update 2 years later to 3.6(technik)/2.60(application) the problem was ‘resolved’, meaning that the report NOW shows the correct sum. Kind regards Walter P.S.: This problem (a have a second one in my X-Files, even better) does still give me a headache. If I can’t beleive the figures in a report, what can I beleive. I have to question the application itself.

Hi Walter, i should say the problem is already resolved. It was some messing of options ‘GroupTotalFields’ and following result selection. For group field there were records with multiple meanings of other field which are tested for consistency with one value. These multiple meanings gave wrong ‘false’ and arised this question (headache too). It was resolved by changing ‘GroupTotalFields’ to field with unique occurrence. Some amount of code have been deleted #-). Thank you, Anthony