About Virtual tables

Hi All,

Wht are virtual tables ? how to see there design and there values ?



Virtual tables are tables which do not really exist inside the database but you can read (not write).

The most commonly used virtual tables are “Integer” (Mostly used for looping in a report = PageLoop or CopyLoop) and “Date”. Whereby the Date table is used in different places (in Matrix forms as an example).

These tables are “static” which means that the values stored in these tables are just there. To see the content, just create a new list form and reference these tables.

Virtual tables are not tables at all, they are data types that look and feel and act the same as tables, but the information in them is never stored anywhere. They are used to provide a way to use system information, and other information that is built at run time. They are implemented as table type object, because they are easy to use in C/AL code, and this gives NAV developers a uniform way to use this type of system information.

You should study the official Development course material, which covers all of this. Take both courses, Introduction to C/SIDE programming, as well as C/SIDE Solution Development, also commonly referred to as ‘Development I’ and ‘Development II’.