about the floe of warehouse management

can anyone please explain me in short the flow of warehouse management in Attain…ie what are put away,pick,assign i am confused of these terms.

Hi, You can find some information in Navision Attain help. Item Flow The flow of an item through the warehouse can be described by the activities you perform on the item. The five basic warehouse activities each have a separate menu item on the Warehouse Management menu: You use Receive to register items received at the warehouse. In one of the functions associated with this activity, Show Cross-Dock, you can view the opportunities you have to move items directly from the receiving area to the shipment packaging area of your warehouse. When you post the warehouse receipt, the items are registered as part of your inventory. In Put Away, you plan the task of putting away items that have been received and registered. When items have been put away and posted, they are available to be assigned. Assign is used by the warehouse manager to assign to specific users the items to be picked from inventory. The manager can optimize the organization of the pick activity by applying filters to the assignment lines. In Pick, you locate your pick assignment and then sort it if necessary, for example, by customer, due date, shelf/bin number, or any other filter option. You use Ship to organize the shipments that are about to leave the warehouse. You can apply a number of filters, for example, shipping agent, shipping method or due date. Best regards Tibor

thanyou for your beautiful reply now i am all clear eith the things… thanks again. regards anoop