About System Application Layers


We have many layers like sys,usr,cus,var,hfx,etc in Dyanmics Ax.If we need to develop a new module(like HumanResource),in which layer we had to develop that module?. can u give me a details about that?



Are you defining it for one specific customer, or is your intention to get it sold as an MDIS?


Our intension is to get SOLD as an MDIS?

I think you need to do it in BUS layer…(check whether you got development codes for BUS layer in your License)

Yes as Kranthi states it is the BUS layer - but before you even commence you will have gone through the requirements of MDIS submission, acceptance etc with your PAM.

Hi Ram,

I am puzzled. If you want to market this as industry solution, why you are developing this in an environment where you have so many layers (usr, cus, var, hfx etc)? Ideally you should develop this solution in clean base environment.


Hi Harish,

We need to develop a module in dynamix ax not other environments.since we are customized some other modules in ax it is easy for us to integrate with that module