About SMTP mail setup

Hai all, I want to know about smtp mail setup in Administration->It Administration->generalsetup->smtp mail setup.

Is we send mails through code by using this setup,can any one tell me how to send mails by using this smtp setup.

Standard NAV uses the old NAV-mail: codeunit 397 which uses client’s Outlook.

SMTP uses a mailserver like MS Exchange or web-mails. I have never seen standard NAV use SMTP (never searched for it either…).
But if you create a report which uses function NewMessage in codeunit 400, you should be able to figure out how it works - quite simple, I think…

To use SMTP demands some right/security setups in MS Exchange - and that is not my speciality.

Hi RS,

I have send e-mail from NAV on “Document Approval” function before, if your reqt like that, you need to export html from Cronus and import to your system and setup SMTP to correct “mail server” ( IT Administration > General Setup > SMTP Mail Setup > add “SMTP & Authen =Anonymous”)…It work for sure.