About services file

Hi, I’m still trying to run 2 C/SERVERS ON NT. The 1st is run. The 2nd says that port is beeing used by another program. In services file I add : NAS1 2407/tcp NAS2 2408/tcp. The server always tries to connect to port 2407 and ignores the services file or port 2408 is used. How can I obtain free ports ?

The services file is only there for looking up port numbers of programs by “client programs”. When a program wants to connect to e.g. NAS2, it looks up NAS2 in the services file and retrieves port number and protocol. This saves you from having to specify a port number directly in the client program. To run two servers, you also need to provide different port numbers to the Navision services on the command line/registry, so each of them knows which port to connect to. See http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9571&SearchTerms=service,port,number for more information on manuals etc.