About Purchase Requisition

Hi all

Kindly anyone explain me how to update a purchase requisition? i had created but dont know how to update it.


Artata Zaman


PR works on workflow mechanism. Once you have created PR, you need to submit it. Once submitted, the approver as per workflow will take action.


Thanks Pranav for reply

Kindly tell me that from where i would set workflow and how i can submit PR?


Hi Artata,

Like Pranav said, PR works on workflow process. If your working on PR then you need to have curtain User permissions because, in business process not every person will have full authorizations on any thing (Business activities)… (Example: If you have creation approval then someone else will have approval permission). You might not have those permissions and you need to have approver (user) permissions. If you want then you please take the help of Technical guy who setup these settings in User administration.


Thanks Sarathy,

I understand what you said. thanks