About Nav 2013 certifications

Hi everyone,

Are there any details about when the Nav 2013 certifications will be released???

Not every version has ever had full set of it’s own certifications, therefore, it is NOT necessary to gain new ones to work with a newer version. In other words - certifications do not expire.

If you have some already, you may live with them, if not yet - check this site, and choose the newest ones, if several are available. Notice, there are still some for versions before v5. There are things which haven’t changed even from older versions than v5, but such old exams MS has removed.

Regarding Nav 2013 certifications - I suppose it will take a year or so :slight_smile:

Check this link


But it seems to be the only exam release till yet.

This was quick… Much better than my guess it’ll take a year [:D]

Up to now only 1 as a New Year present, and MS starts with Inst & Conf - there are many changes, and setup process becomes more and more complicated.

Those days, when one could simply copypaste Client directory to workstation seemingly have gone forever…

hi all,anyone have complete MB7-700 Q & A