About inventory valuation report

Hi all.

while am taking inventory valuation report for 2014 year it is taking almost 30mins for generating all pages …how can i reduce the time?

Which version of Navision you are using ?

What is database Size ?

Is any system maintenance is happening on system?

Is there any customization done on this report ?

Hi sir,

Version is NAV 2009 r2

DB size is 0523.db size.jpg

No maintaince is running.

Up to now no cutomization done…

Have you try to run this report on server directly ?

How many items you have ?

No not on server.

I dont know exactly the number of items but after all pages generated it is 111 pages.

Try to run it on server and check how much time it takes.

Hi Vaka

Can you tell me how you displayed the size of your DB like this?


Hi pope,

go to File–>Database–>Information–>touch print screen on keyboard–>paste it on Word–>Zoom it and conver to Jpeg in online.

When you say “30 minutes to generate”, is that 30 minutes to physically print the report? Or is 30 minutes just the time to spool the data?

Based on your screenshot, this is a tiny (6 GB) databases using the native NAV DB server. Meaning not SQL. Could you tell use the hardware configuration? Specifically the disk config.

Also how many records in the following tables: (File - Database - Information - Tables)


Item Ledger Entry

Value Entry

Is the inventory lot or serial tracked?