About G/l ledger entries in NAV 2017

Hi guys,

Good day,

I have created a new field in a customer\Vendor name in g/l entry table and when the bal.account type is vendor\customer then the customer\vendor name should be automatically filled up.

I tried creating a field in payment journal for a vendor but its not working working.

Can you please advice.

Warm Regards,

Bharath K

Hi Bharath,

If you create the field only as a text variable on the page, then you could check on the account type and get the name in OnAfterGetRecord.

But you didn’t write which version of NAV you’re using.

What you are trying to do sounds like exactly what my Icelandic MVP friend [mention:77aba3848bd146b7abeb5e255f52346c:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] has made for D365BC.

If you check his homepage, then you can see how he did it:

PS: The blog posts describes how it was done with extensions in NAV 2017, so it should fit your version. Later he has described how he moved it from NAV 2017 to NAV 2018/Extensions 2.